Fountain pen design for Cultural Contest JovemNerd Montegrappa. Chosen topic Wonder Woman DC Comics Character.
Top five mention.
Alternative Nib and Clip
Box Fountain Pen
The idea is a little complex because not only would it serve to stow the pen, but it would also be a decorative object. The shape is based on the Wonderwoman‘s origin: an Amazon Warrion from the Greek Mythology  (–woman).

The box represents a temple made of white marble, with a platform shaped by the case and two columns. The case has the lock shaped by the double golden W, Wonderwoman‘s symbol, splitting itself when open. The pen lies on a dark red fabric. The case interior top, when open, discloses a starred sky. 

In the front, the columns reinforce the case with characteristics of JONICA architecture, found in temples of female divinities. These two columns have functional elements as a mounting for the pen.

Below the video with result of contest.

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