"Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of..."
The Rolling Stones
Admirer of comics, books and RPG since childhood. I put my creativity into practice writing, producing design and illustration; through the interpretation of what I see.
2006 – Graduate in Graphic Design – Estácio de Sá Univertity
“Learning never exhausts the mind.”
Leonardo da Vinci
2016 – Creativity * Charles Watson
2015 – Sculpt * Alex Oliver
2012 – Digital Painting * Serge Birault
2012 – Digital Painting * Omega Curso de Arte
2008 – Photoshop Standard and Illustrator CS3 * WOC
2003 – HQ Drawing * Casa de Cultura Estácio de Sá
2002 – Basic Design of RPG Games * PUC-RJ
Planning and Control Analyst 
2009 december (active)
Constant readiness teams and entertainment programs, planning groups to face the challenge of programming for subsequent years and the continuing reporting of results achieved by the Visual Effects Team.
“The entertainment area always been a special attraction for me. And on TV Globo not only could launch not only me to a bigger and different challenge that would bring me new learning.”

Team coordinator Creation and Design
2009 january – 2009 november
Creation of team leadership to overcome the challenges in illustration, publishing, branding and multimedia course materials developed by EAD EAD / ENSP (Distance Learning of the National School of Public Health).
“The time on the EAD brought me to a new challenge.”

Graphic Designer and Illustrator
2006 june – 2008 december
My first step after changing career, where I started to illustrate, publishing, diagram, conceptualize and develop visual identities, online materials postgraduate courses developed by EAD / ENSP (Distance Learning of the National School of Public Health).
“Every year has got stronger in my techniques practiced in my daily life and more resolute in the new choice that I set for my life.”

Drawing teacher
2006 – 2007
Together with my beginning as Designer in EAD came to the orientation opportunity in freehand drawing to auxiliary and inspire young 12 to 22 years.
“Many times the orientation went beyond freehand drawing, was listen and talk to young people about the daily life of them.”

Telecommunications technician
1997 – 2006
My curiosity about how communication work led me to a search by technology. After graduating as an electronics technician I specialized in Telecommunications, I had the chance to handle pioneering technologies in Brazil and could participate in its application from large urban centers to the most remote areas of the country. This contact could face me with the most different types of people and cultures which fed my thoughts and I could be sure he did not want to be there. I realized that my first journey opened my eyes to what I really wanted.
“Breaking technology and have contact with the most diverse corners of my country brought me a self knowledge about what I wanted to do and it would take me to an entirely different direction which started.”
Extra XP
Art Direction Lecture – Fantasy Movies with Kevin Phipps
Mention in JovemNerd/Montegrappa contest pen design Wonder Woman for DC Comics
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